Past workshops organized by CRI Research

Open A.I. Workshop

13-15 November 2019

In this three-day Advanced Workshop, the CRI brough together 15+ leaders in the fields of fundamental and applied AI/ML as well as policy makers to identify and discuss the most timely research directions. Rather than relying on frontal presentations on the state of the art, we harnessed the collective intelligence of the assembled experts to look towards the future. A broad range of topcs emerged from the conversations among the participants, including ones be driven by questions such as: How can we successfully use AI/ML for research on data that is scarce and/or expensive to collect/label (e.g. in physical sciences, where acquiring and tagging millions of data points is unattainable). Can we understand the underlying algorithms: What are the basis for the decisions made? Can we detect and correct possible biases? What impacts AI will have on our society? How can we make sure it will benefit the common good? What are the next frontiers of AI? How can we leverage open and citizen based science approaches to build trust with non-experts and build an informed society?

Open Health Workshop

10th to 12th of October 2018

We believe one of the most promising opportunities for enabling many more people to escape disease and improve their overall well-being is the Open Health movement. While this movement can mean different things to different people, we see at least the following three features:

  • People have access to data and tools
  • People can meaningfully interact with each other
  • People can build on each other’s learnings

In this workshop, we critically examined the current state-of-art for each feature and identify and explore the key challenges facing the Open Health movement.

Open Science of Learning Workshop

13-15 June 2018

Participants in this workshop investigated how open science and citizen science can serve learning research and innovation. Participants were invited based on their interest and experience in one or, preferably, both education and open science. As this question is relatively new, the emphasis was be on group discussion, generation of novel research directions and initiatives, and finding points of consensus, rather than on individual lectures. Implementation, scaling up, and policy-making issues, such as convincing administrators and elected officials of the efficacy of new methods, were also part of discussions.

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Future Paths of Synthetic Biology

5-7 October 2017

The workshop was held at CRI in October 2017, celebrating the 10 years of the Paris Bettencourt team success in the iGEM competition.

The workshop was organized by CRI alumni and students and benefited form the presence of 15 international invited specialists.

The workshop combined short visionary talks, sparking exciting discussions between the participants that were funneled to charting future paths of open synthetic biology.

Shaping our Major Transition

28-30 June 2017

The first CRI Research Advanced Workshop bridged foundational research and societal impact, specifically focusing on tracing past major transitions and understanding and shaping current digital transition. During two intense days, the eclectic mix of eminent thinkers who converged at CRI and worked on identifying the challenges posed by the current digital transition of society, and charting the way forward. The workshop participants collectively identified the most promising and exciting research topics for the near future, which can be grouped in the following four research foci: (1) major digital transition (2) designing governance (3) theory of governance (4) governance systems for learning