CRI Research Projects

Our projects cluster around the following categories: Open health, Open learning, Open AI, Open phronesis, Open synthetic and systems biology. You can see selected projects below and the full collection on our dedicated Projects platform.

Open Health Projects
Bites, Blood & Behavior
Understanding mosquito blood-feeding behavior
Open Drug Discovery Programme in Africa
A CRI-sponsored postdoctoral opportunity in sub-saharan Africa.
Linked Semantic Mental Health Database
Mapping symptoms & behaviours to subjective & objective measures, projects, community initiatives and technologies
A platform for collective citizen science
A platform for collective citizen science
Open Synthetic Biology
We develop synthetic transcription factors in Drosophila melanogaster
Synthetic Biology for Distributed Anti-Tuberculosis Drug Discovery
Help us develop scalable and open-source technologies for doing discovery anywhere.
In vivo real-time RNA probing by AI-aided design of CRISPR RNA switch
RNA-based switch designs for all
Open Learning Projects
Visualising teachers' point of view
Developing taxonomies based on teachers answers to open-ended questions
The role of citizen science in informal and formal education settings
Mapping out how citizen science is integrated at different levels of education, while taking into account modes of participation, disciplines, culture, and process of learning
Teachers interactions in forums
Analysing the temporal co-dynamics of questions/answers and communities in teacher forums
Open AI
Model discovery in physics and biology with neural networks
Using neural networks to automatically extract the differential equations underlying a data-set
Inferring antibiotic dose-response functions with deep learning
To automate the diagnosis of antibiotic resistance in bacteria.
The AI network scientist
Classification of graphs using Neural Networks