lionel deveaux
Research Digital Projects Manager
As your Digital Research Project Manager, my job is to help the researchers with their IT projects.
Lionel's Bio

Coming from a Physics background, I started my IT career as a Mainframe developer. I then became an IT analyst in the banking sector, and a little later application manager and project manager, still in banking.

During this time, I spent one year on a Working Holiday in Japan, and I also went back to university to get a Master's Degree in Cross-cultural Management (Paris Dauphine).

My goal in CRI is to facilitate the researchers' IT projects in any way I can. I think that the research done here is essential for the future, and I am excited to be able to contribute.

What I do for fun is learning Japanese (and mostly failing at it), singing in a choir or a karaoké, playing video games and listen to podcasts.

Lecturers without borders
Connecting travelling scientists and schools
iGEM TIES (Team IntEraction Study): mapping social interaction networks of iGEM scientific teams
In this project, we study the collaboration patterns of iGEM teams underlying their performance and learning using data-driven social network analyses
Porting the iOS app Overland to Android
Overland is an iOS app that tracks the user's location and sends this data to a server. The goal of this project is to port it to Android.